Alejandro Oliván is a Spanish saxophonist mainly specialized in contemporary and classical music.  The opportunity to work with composers and being part of the creative process of new music is an essential ingredient in his career.  This passion for taking part in the development of the new music has brought him to work in collaboration with young and well-known composers such as Georges Aperghis, Germán Toro Pérez, Nadir Vassena, Carlo Ciceri, Florian Bogner, Marcelo F. Lazcano, Bethany Younge, Ruud Roeflasen, Santiago Díaz Fischer or Sam Scranton amongst others. He has been awarded in more than 10 occasions in national and international music competitions. He has participated in important festivals such as the “Lucerne Festival”, the “DARMSTADT INTERNATIONALE FERIENKURSE FÜR NEUE MUSIK" 2014 and 2016 (GERMANY)”, the "ZEIT RÄUME BASEL 2015", the "TAGER NEUER MUSIK IN WEIMAR 2015", the "OUTEAR SERIES" in Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago (USA) 20, the "NULL POINT SERIES" in Buffalo (USA) or  the NO HAY BANDA SERIES in Montreal (Canada).  As a multifaceted performer, he plays in different settings; as a soloist, in chamber groups, in orchestra and ensembles.